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Vita Technology is a company that primarily manufactures cylinders and valves used in the tire manufacturing industry. Vita also manufactures several special products used in the aerospace industry and has, in the past, manufactured three-phase induction motors and submersible pumps.

As part of its expanding product range, Vita Technology is supporting the development of high performance software for use in certain engineering applications. This site focuses on those software solutions, as well as associated services.

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SoftwareSoftware for industrial design
Samarium splash screen
Our main application, Samarium, is an essential tool for the the design of permanent magnet brushless DC motors.

Vita Technology develops and commercializes software used in permanent magnet, brushless DC motor and magnetizing fixture design. Our base application, called Samarium, is available with or without the Cobalt module (used for the design of magnetizing fixtures for ring and arc magnets). The release of Cobalt as a stand-alone application is planned. Our software is licensed on a yearly basis, and updates are made available to all licensed users.

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In addition to developing and licensing industrial design software, Vita Technology also provides the following services directly to clients:

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