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Please check the "Version and History" page of the online help to see if there are any updates available.

Sample animationSample animation (pump motor flux density variations)
Pump motor flux density

This AVI file (click to download) shows the flux density variations obtained from second order finite-element analysis in a custom designed motor for a high efficiency pump application. The animation was created using the integrated video export module that is part of Samarium.

Analytical optimizationAnalytical optimization (example)

See an example of the analytical optimization capability in Samarium in this avi. It is available at the Optional modules and extensions section of the Product Information page.

Samarium demoSamarium demo
Samarium demo splash screen

A demo version of Samarium is available for download. This demo version is not the same as the Samarium trial; it has several limitations (listed below) whereas the trial version is a fully functional time-limited version of Samarium.

If you are interested in obtaining a trial version of Samarium, please contact us by e-mail (be sure to use a valid address).

Please note that the demo version of Samarium may not be updated with every release of the main application. To check this, please consult the "Version and History" page in the online Samarium help files. The demo version may also be time-limited (ex., for one year). By the time this limit has been reached, however, a new demo version should be available on this website.

The demo application is based on the same source code as the release version of Samarium, with several sections removed and other sections heavily modified. There is no way to convert the demo version into the release version (ex., with a registration key, patch, etc.), since the demo's source files are a modified subset of the release version. If you decide to license Samarium you may be required to uninstall the demo version before installing the full application.

Support for the demo version of Samarium is limited. If you have questions or need assistance please send us an e-mail with "Samarium Demo Question" in the subject field, and we will try to respond within a reasonable time frame. We will generally not respond to free e-mail addresses such as Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo, etc..

Licensed Samarium users always have priority. We do not offer telephone or live chat support for the demo versions.

Differences in modeling and analytical design

Demo Full
File operations ( Load / Save / etc. ) No Yes
Magnet and lamination steel database support No Yes
Outer rotor, arc or ring magnet motor support No Yes
Maximum number of stator slots 12 Not limited
Maximum number of rotor poles 4 Not limited

The magnet material cannot be changed even if the magnet material database is populated with several entries. The demo version uses a fixed magnet material, set internally, which cannot be changed. The same applies to the grade of the lamination steel.

Differences in mesh generation and finite element analysis

Demo Full
Mesh order 1 1, 2, 3
Maximum mesh nodes 10k 500k (can be increased)
Multirun support Always 5 steps,
Single process
Unlimited steps,
Up to 8 parallel processes
Coil current injection No Yes
2D Thermal No Yes
Adaptive mesh generation Limited to 3 steps,
No airgap refinement
Integrated video export No Yes

Second and third order elements, several advanced computational features and other experimental features involving quadrilaterals are not available in the demo. Eight parallel processes can be used with a dual-socket quad-core (or quad-socket dual-core) processor setup. Up to 16 parallel processes can be made available upon request for quad-socket quad-core systems.

After you have read and understood the differences listed above, click here to download the Samarium demo (28 MB ZIP file). After the download has finished, extract the files from the archive and follow the instructions contained in the "README" file.

OtherOther downloads

There are no other downloads available at this time.